a Dark Contemporary Romance



“I can see them in his eyes, underneath it all… His demons calling for mine.”

I wanted to give in to the hunger…
Niklas Bergman stalked in the shadows of the silent woods, a depraved hunter… and I am his prey. I traded one captor that broke my body and soul, for one that threatens to break not only my heart, but the walls that contain the darkness that lives inside of me. He is a beautiful monster, everything I searched for before my capture, the only one that understands my secrets and I fear my heart and mind will not survive him.

I am a monster, I am a monster… I was a monster…
Suki Knoxx hides a legacy of blood and I will drown her in it myself if that’s what she needs to embrace it. I wanted to use her — no limits, consequences or remorse — but when I set my eyes on her, broken and abused, her enemy became mine. Now I can’t let her go, not until I break her open. Her darkness calls to mine, her demons dance on heathen songs sung by my own and sometimes… prey wants to be prey.

Souls break open. Limits are crossed. Secrets are unleashed.
A monster is born.


Content Warning
This book contains material that is suitable for ages 18+, with dark themes that may be triggering to some, including dub-con.
My Kind of Monster is a standalone Contemporary Dark Romance with a HEA.